Iliafi Esera is married to Fia and they are the Senior Ministers of Faith City Church Wanganui.

The Eseras have been the Senior Ministers of the church for over thirty years and are held in high regard within the city of Whanganui among both the church and the community.

Faith City Church is a vibrant assembly and is distinctly pentecostal. It is active in missions not only locally but internationally. The church are proprietors of a Christian School that is one of the most respected schools in the city. The School is part of the church’s outreach into the community and has for many years made a significant impact on the generations of the city, many of whom have gone on to excel in the fields of medicine, education, law, music, sports and technology just to mention a few.

The Eseras are leaders in the faith to many pastors and christian ministers across the globe, speaking regularly across New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, the USA and Russia.

Ps Iliafi is currently the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand, a role which he has been appointed to in 2011. Ps Iliafi is a missionary at heart and is happiest when he is ministering cross-culturally. His passion for God and for people is contagious and his desire to see people live their christianity in a practical way is well known. Pastor Iliafi loves young people and will go out of his way to mentor and train young people to fulfill their God given destinies.

Pastors Iliafi and Fia are also pioneers at heart and have helped with pioneering and church planting work in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as well as Australia, the USA, India and Russia. The Eseras have been in pastoral ministry for over 27 years and they have eight children and fourteen grandchildren.