Location: 127 Springvale Road, Springvale, Whanganui

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We have a range of services that can suit your needs. We have a more relaxed feel one service where the music is quieter and then a more contemporary service. We also have evening services, Samoan services and a Life Begins service for those with disabilities.


This service is targeted more towards the older generation. The music is quieter and the preaching is more personal to an older audience. If this sounds more like you then we would love to see you there.


This service is more catered for young adults and families. The music is more upbeat and the word is just as strong. This is a family environment with the children's church operating and junior church programes running. If this sounds more like you visit us at 11am.


During COVID Restrictions, this service has been put on hold.

We worship on a Sunday evening again with great preaching. If you can't make the morning services the evening service is a great alternative. (This service is not currently gathering).


A Samoan language service that takes place once a month at 1pm. For more information contact the church office. To see dates for the Samoan service please see our calendar.

Life Begins

Once a month we hold a special service for those with disabilities. This service takes place at 1pm and consists of a time of worship and ministry. Please contact our church office for more information.